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About us

For more than 25 years, Demirci Gym has been a household name in the Limburg martial arts world.
Demirci Gym specializes in giving kickboxing lessons. From the first lesson we make an assessment of the level and bottlenecks of our students.

In addition to our group lessons, there is also the possibility to take a number of lessons privately. Our certified and experienced trainers Mustafa and Hakan Demirci ensure that you get the best out of you. Depending on the level of the student, they will work in the training on, for example, strength, endurance or technique.

You don't become a good fighter without commitment, discipline and hard training, this is what we expect at Demirci Gym. But in addition to suffering, there can certainly be laughter, because we believe that a good atmosphere also produces good fighters. In addition to the physical and technical progression, personal development also plays an essential role in the completeness of a fighter. 

And that this approach works we have proven over the past 25 years, regularly our fighters are invited to demonstrations and competitions all over the world.

Whether you are aiming for a professional martial arts career, whether you just like to seriously practice a martial arts, you can always contact us for an introductory meeting or book a trial lesson.

Demirci Gym