Club rules Demirci gym

We are there for everyone and welcome you in our gym. If you become a member of our gym, you should read the rules below carefully. When purchasing a season ticket, ride card or a trial session, you confirm yourself to these house rules.

Our house rules are there to make you, and others, as comfortable as possible so that you can exercise comfortably.


  1. We treat each other with respect.
  2. You are there for time.
  3. Everyone who takes kickboxing classes must have a mouthguard/bit.
  4. Without a mouthguard/bit, we reserve the right to deny you the lesson.
  5. It is not allowed to leave the training room during the lessons without the instructor's permission.
  6. During the training you wear clean and correct sportswear, when following multiple lessons and / or training sessions (in a row) take extra clean sportswear with you and an extr towel
  7. Use for drinks only a sports bottle or a bottle with a cap.
  8. To avoid disturbing other members, please turn your mobile phone on silent or turn it off
  9. You are requested to place the attributes you use back where it belongs and to treat Demirci gym stuff with respect when you use it.
  10. Proefles only applies via a registration via our website. The costs are € 12.50. If you decide to become a member, the amount will be deducted from the registration fee. Payment will be made before you join the class.
  11. Demirci Gym reserves the right for occasional schedule changes due to force majeure.
  12. In case of payment arrears, you will not be able to access Demirci Gym and you will not be able to participate in the lessons until the payment has been made.
  13. Demirci Gym accepts no liability for damage and / or loss of property of the visitor in and around the gym, during and after classes and training.
  14. Keep to the instructions and instructions of the authorized personnel.
  15. Be 100% concentrated when you exercise.
  16. If the trainer sees that you are not able to keep up the training. Then the trainer has every right to stop your requests.
  17. Drink enough, when there is a lack of moisture, loss of concentration occurs.
  18. You participate in the lessons and training at your own risk.
  19. In case of violation of the rules, we can deny you access to the GYM. Acting contrary to the above-mentioned rules can also lead to the withdrawal of membership, without refund of the tuition fee. When committing a criminal offence, the police are called in at all times.
  20. Dressing should only be done in the changing rooms.
  21. It is not allowed to shave or use hair removers in the shower.
  22. We ask you to use the storage cupboards for your bag, etc.
  23. To keep the dressing room tidy for yourself and others, you still need to dry yourself completely in the wet part.
  24. The trainers have all rights to cancel your membership and deny access to Demirci Gym, if there is a lack of respect, discipline, display of misconduct and sexual intimidation or harassment of other members.

House rules for the parents/guardians of the youth member

  1. The parent/carer is a good supporter and leads by example by respecting have for everyone.
  2. The parent/carer keeps aloof from the guidance and training of the members by trainers and supervisors.
  3. Children under the age of 7 we can not (without the guidance of an adult) grant access to our gym.
  4. The parent/guardian ensures that the son/daughter is present in time for the lesson or training or competition.
  5. The parent/carer ensures that children (under the age of 15) do not pass through the room and or in the ring are playing.
  6. The parent/carer addresses the son/daughter for any misconduct.

Personal training

  1. Demirci Gym offers personal training at an additional cost.
  2. The personal training courses are not included in the membership.
  3. The prices for personal training courses can only be requested by e-mail (
  4. Do you want to use personal training courses, you can request and book them via By entering the GYM you indicate that you adhere to the bij Demirci Gym applicable house rules.

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